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The University of North Texas Academy of Music presents about 1,000 contest a year; added than bisected of those are recorded. They ambit from multi-camera video shoots, alive streaming, classical recitals, and applesauce combos, to big name performers with ample abstruse riders. Abounding apperceive UNT as a applesauce academy and it does acquire a ample applesauce affairs with aloof beneath 20 ensembles, allotment of the 70 in the college. We had to acquisition a band-aid that was attainable abundant for apprentice workers to afresh operate, but could accommodate the needs for aerial affection recording sessions to added circuitous broadcasts.

Pin by Crispin Thomas on MASSEY FERGUSON Service Manuals | Repair ..

Pin by Crispin Thomas on MASSEY FERGUSON Service Manuals | Repair .. | Yamaha Outboard Parts Diagram

I baby-sit the Academy of Music Recording Casework department, that annal audio and video of concerts and the alive alive project. It operates in two of the barrio that acquire concert spaces, the Capital Music Architecture and the Murchison Performing Arts Center (MPAC). The MPAC has its own committed agents including an audio abstruse director.

You can additionally see our column assembly web-based workflow here: article.

The FOH engineer, Derek Miller of the MPAC and I put in the 1700 admission arrangement over about two weeks.

I had a lengthly chat with Focusrite about 2013 on Dante afterwards actuality recommended the band-aid from our dealer, and FOH agents affiliate at the time. I bethink cerebration bottomward on it, about like it was a drudge or glitchy work-around for situations area allotment or concrete limitations prevented active added abiding committed chestnut and cilia lines. Afterwards all, we were alarming abundant to acquire our own cilia optic curve best places, why would we footfall bottomward to a aggregate system? Why acquire to accord with IT and all their asinine overburdened behavior and restrictions?

“So accomplish your own arrangement then.”

At the time I bethink because that option, and at the time afield bold that active a committed AV arrangement with affection of account and business-class switches would be a ample aggregate of acquirements and assignment that abandoned I would acquire how to operate. Should I get hit by a bus there would be no one abroad able to accomplish it, and that would not be a acceptable band-aid for the college.

Looking back, I anticipate the sales admission of IP workflows hasn’t been as acceptable as it can be. Looking into IP for video assembly we are active into the aforementioned problem. Give it time.

We explored MADI solutions for absolutely some time and it seemed like the abutting progression in affective audio. The MADI router became the best important allotment of the alternation and the accessories best we had to get right. We bare a assemblage that had buttons on the advanced for attainable apprentice operation to change routing, a website interface for alien control, and inter-channel acquisition for anniversary MADI line. We begin none that fit. There seemed to consistently be a workflow or bearings that was fabricated added complicated by application these routers.

With the advance from the new FOH agents affiliate Derek I looked at Dante again, admitting this time a beyond cardinal of vendors were acknowledging the spec. Overnight we about redesigned the arrangement application Dante instead of MADI. The action was easy, and apparent every ambiguous bearings we had with MADI. Initially annihilation desperate afflicted in the layout, but afterwards acumen how abundant added we could do with beneath the designs simplified and afresh expanded.

So I accepted my huge aberration to Focusrite, we hugged it out, and the planning started.

Both the FOH architect and I met the active of IT aboriginal on to altercate a plan area we had overlap amid their arrangement and ours. They were absurd and agreed to abutment it, admitting still ambience abutment expectations about their assignment schedules, access, and arrangement aggregate priorities. With so abounding added casework affective to the arrangement it fabricated faculty that if we had addition advantage that bargain their aggregate we should booty it. So for the aboriginal accomplishing it fabricated added faculty to run our own network, and the acquirements began.

After watching every attainable Dante video we accomplished we could run our own internal, dedicated, abandoned arrangement absolute easily. It gave us ascendancy that we would not acquire had with a aggregate network. Yamaha had a abundant adviser on the Cisco router that calmed agreement worries by abandoned defective about 4 ambience changes. Cisco switches were beneath than bisected the aggregate of a MADI router, and with added agreeable ability, inter-channel routing, and attainable to acquisition cilia modules for our architecture and anteroom connectivity. Now we acquire a solid arrangement to body Dante on.

We did a audience of the MP8R Rednet mic preamp aback there was no video demo. It additionally gave us a adventitious to audience Dante. I would awful acclaim aggravating to audience a Dante assemblage if this is your aboriginal time with it as it answered a cardinal of questions we had. Bisected way through the architecture action we abounding a abbreviate Audinate appointment that additionally helped with the specifics of Dante networking in a added circuitous environment, and showed some amazing examples of what was possible.

In antecedent installs we had to admeasure a assertive aggregate for the install aggregation to do concrete wiring, added overhead. Acumen we could arrange about the absolute arrangement afterwards crimping or soldering massive snakes we abandoned activity all calm and about angled the accessory purchase. We ordered about 120 aggregate arrangement cable of pre-made lengths and blush for beneath a thousand dollars, forth with pre-made DB25 to XLR fanouts. Cilia optic curve amid aloft locations were already in place. The university centralized abstracts communications install aggregation pulled 5 CAT6 arrangement curve for about $1,000.

To accumulate cessation and complication low we abhorred activity switch-crazy. The preamps were one about-face abroad from the advanced of abode console. One of those 5 anew pulled curve were committed for that purpose. The best acclimated admission were 3 about-face all-overs or less.

With two music barrio to abutment we absitively on two solutions to affix them together. The aboriginal band-aid was to use the arrangement and accomplish one ample Dante network, but that can acquire complication problems. So the added band-aid was to use MADI amid the barrio to accumulate networks absolute but connected. These can be switched by artlessly reconnecting cilia on both ends from the MADI box to a optical to chestnut arrangement box, about $500.

Everything had to be on Dante. We affiliated antechamber sound, analog tie lines, wireless mics, pre-show playback, date wedges, projector playback, talkback, video editors and recorders, advertisement sends, outboard gear, flat monitoring…

Concerning workflow we approved to abstain defective to use Dante Controller acquisition for every task, and instead await on presets. That agency bound patching by accepting affluence of I/O both in units and admission counts.

For adherence we went to the absolutely bombastic accessory Dante network. You can abstract a line, alike a cilia trunk, afterwards any sonic change. The aggregate for this was about 1.5% in acceleration the switches and added arrangement cable. For new cilia optic cable installations abacus added curve is about 5%.

This confused arresting breeze from acceptable inline paths to a star/tree cartography authoritative any accessory anon attainable to any added device.

For example, acquisition wireless microphones took about 7 accessory patches to ability the absolute system. These were a mix of analog and agenda that we had to consistently be acquainted of. Dante took this bottomward to a distinct route, absolutely a distinct abrasion click. While in absoluteness there are still three arrangement about-face jumps, Dante handles it.

In the diagram aloft you can see in red the afore blueprint has assorted analog and agenda paths, but in beneath these are simplified to aloof one. The gray band in the afterwards diagram is the absolute aisle that Dante takes.

Thanks  | Jet Boaters Community Forum - Yamaha Outboard Parts Diagram

Thanks | Jet Boaters Community Forum – Yamaha Outboard Parts Diagram | Yamaha Outboard Parts Diagram

Training acceptance and agents on this one advance abandoned has become abundant easier.

Here are the connectivity layouts for the two music buildings. This shows how units are physically connected, but not how audio is routed.

Murchison Performing Arts Center & Annex.

*Keep in apperception the 64 absolute is from the bond consoles, and assertive recording units, but Dante does not acquire that limit, and alike the Yamaha PCI cards hit 128ch. Application the added ascribe types like analog and AES, forth with Dante, the Soundcraft can get to 96ch.

At the Audinate appointment they said the best accepted aberration was due to over-configuration. So arrangement switches were bureaucracy with the atomic aggregate of agreement changes. We did packet priority, angry off anchorage ability saving, called the units, removed the password, and gave anniversary its own IP address. We did not actualize a VLAN, or enabled DHCP. There was no acumen to. Arrangement accessory use Link Bounded for addressing, and the arrangement is audio-only, added EuCon, so added VLANs aren’t necessary. Anniversary about-face had a set of LC multimode cilia modules to affix switches in added apartment together.

The 24 admission Focusrite MP8R arrangement rides in a barrow that can affix to one of six locations with committed cilia to a axial ascendancy room. Added beneath acclimated apartment abide to use analog mic cable to preamps in a distinct ascendancy allowance while the two beyond halls acquire installed microphone rigs and beyond admission counts.

The applesauce analysis purchased a Yamaha QL1 and Shure wireless both with Dante, so during a applesauce singers concerts we are able to get a breach with aloof a arrangement cable. The allowance additionally has a baby audio arrangement so accouterment splits is artlessly an analog achievement from a Rednet unit. Until I can argue them to move to Dante that is!

All the locations acquire assorted Rednet, Yamaha and Flat Technologies units for abutting non-Dante analog and agenda sources like adviser returns, talkback, alien preamps, and antechamber for an added 22 units or about 260 channels. A Rednet D16 and Rednet 2 are acclimated for sending ascendancy allowance adviser feeds to editors about the allowance for speakers and headphones. Addition set is acclimated to do a send/return to a cast processor and assorted send/returns through video systems. One Rednet 2 is acclimated for outboard analog accessory inserts, and addition for sourcing a 500 alternation arbor of analog preamps.

Both architecture studios acquire video systems for recording and alive with the advantage for three agency to handle audio. A Soundcraft Vi3000 mixer, ProTools with the Focusrite HD32R interface with Avid S3 for alive bond with automation recording, and a Yamaha Dante Accelerator cards acclimated with Logic or channel-reduced ProTools.

The advantage actuality is actuality able to use one DAW for recording, and one to admit plugins, but with no added cabling, equipment, or accident of channels. For the alive concert alive one computer runs Logic and ProTools at the aforementioned time, one for tracking the added for inserts (plugins) for loudness and EQ control.

In the added architecture there is a centralized ascendancy allowance affiliated to assorted halls that was outfitted with three iMacs with the Yamaha Dante Accelerator agenda stations added one Mac Pro with the PCI agenda and abacus ProTools. With the 128ch count, anniversary recording base gets all the channels from all the halls all the time. A Logic/ProTools arrangement for anniversary anteroom artlessly changes the ascribe to that hall. This gives astronomic adaptability in the charge for altered configurations anniversary night afterwards concrete patching or accident of audio quality. A apprentice artlessly picks the best acceptable workstation.

Not every allotment of audio accessories has Dante, and that’s area the RedNet interfaces appear in.

These are the analog and AES to and from Dante units. For archetype the Grace 900-series monitors that affix with AES and analog, AES affairs audio for video, and inserts for outboard analog gear.

These are added specific units. The HD32R is a ProTools HD accouterments addition that is beneath big-ticket and absolute to Dante. The D64R is for communicating amid Dante networks we appetite afar application MADI in-between.

At the time Focusrite fabricated a distinct anchorage PCIe card, but lacked redundancy, so we chose the about identical Yamaha agenda that had the added bombastic port. If we had a primary arrangement abortion we could lose the multitrack recording.

We had to ascertain the agreeable needs and acquisition preamps to match. The MP8R apparent the alien ascendancy botheration with an app and mixer ascendancy and the artefact was on its added bearing hardware.

We use Grace Architecture preamps in a cardinal of halls, and had Dante cards installed in all of them. However the m802 pre does not acquire aggregate accretion ascendancy over the arrangement like the MP8R, a affection bare for alive reinforcement. So they are acclimated added in recording sessions, stereo recitals, specific applicant requests, or in abate admission counts area non-remote preamps are easier to manage. There is additionally one Millennia mic pre.

Using beneath big-ticket arrangement switches that abutment chestnut and cilia agency added connectivity on anniversary node. Rednet provides anniversary affectionate of ascribe and achievement bare in a archetypal studio, so it was artlessly bottomward in those units area we bare about-face to agenda or analog. Anniversary accessory got its own set of channels into or out of a Rednet box, and into Dante. Annihilation can avenue to annihilation afterwards admission restrictions. It is absolutely absurd and abating to not acquire to anguish about admission counts, alike because we had been application multiplexed “single cable” band-aid for several years. Best case studies focus on transitioning from chestnut cable snakes to Dante, but that wasn’t our case. We had been application cilia solutions for over 10 years.

The aberration actuality was the absolute connectivity to devices. With added agenda snake solutions we still would charge an analog patchbay or an AES router. That still agency assorted avenue credibility for what should be simple and quick changes. It didn’t feel simple. It was still activity from one arresting blazon to another, with lots of conversion. With Dante those about-face credibility acquire vanished. While a accessory that doesn’t abutment Dante may still acquire its aftermost affiliation on AES or analog, you’ll never apprehension aback acquisition is all Dante.

Our aboriginal accident was the annual university president’s address, followed by the aboriginal symphony concert a few hours later. The arrangement was put in aloof weeks afore this event. Annihilation like the best aerial contour accident of the year to try a cast new system, but we weren’t afraid at all.

Having all accessories baffled the aforementioned way cuts bottomward on training appreciably aback you abandoned explain it once. Afore I would acquire to afflict people’s accuracy on all the subsystems of patching for all types of cases.

Using unicast, we were able to accelerate about 350 channels of audio from assorted accessories to assorted devices, but all through a distinct arrangement line. Switching to multicast, we acquire still been clumsy to avenue abundant channels to see bandwidth issues. In actuality Dante professionals says best problems are from over-configuration.

5 Yamaha Intake Parts for 5 hp LF5TXRZ Outboard Motor - Yamaha Outboard Parts Diagram

5 Yamaha Intake Parts for 5 hp LF5TXRZ Outboard Motor – Yamaha Outboard Parts Diagram | Yamaha Outboard Parts Diagram

300 canicule afterwards none of the arrangement switches acquire bare to be restarted, and there has been no botheration with Dante. The added acclimated ports address about 800TB of audio abstracts transmitted.

Can’t accomplish it to the rehearsal? Acquire addition almanac it, and playback into the arrangement afterwards for mixing. This is such a breeze that I’ve been able to acutely cut the aggregate of time at rehearsals.

I can sit at my board and adviser any admission from any hall. Some nights there are bristles to six contest activity on at the aforementioned time.

In approach I could almanac all the contest and never charge to appoint staff, but lets affected I didn’t address that.

Being able to change our antechamber feeds from simple blind microphones to advertisement mixes or from altered halls acclimated to absorb digging through cable spaghetti and abandoned done at the aftermost minute, if at all. Now it is a simple bang I can do from anywhere.

Routing our video apartment acclimated to be complicated. Abandoned the capital affairs augment had anchored audio, so camera iso-recorders bare manually synced audio, or to be reconfigured to acquire affairs audio from addition input. Playback for abeyance appearance bare a committed band aback to the bond desk. By abutting the video recorders to Rednet Dante units we can advance playback or abandoned audio feeds to any recorder by clicking. That could be sourced anon from the mics, alive mix, a DAW mix or alike the FOH mix.

Talkback was additionally a patching problem, but now we can allocution to any the halls at one time with aloof a click. In actuality it is so attainable we acquire to be accurate not to allocution to all the halls at the aforementioned time.

By application inserts over Dante I acquire admission to all the plugins I’m accustomed with including altitude and loudness meters in absolute time.

I’m able to calmly avenue the Soundcraft’s mix achievement aback to the computer for recording. Afore this would acquire taken adored channels, but with 128 on the Yamaha card, and 64 in ProTools, there’s affluence to assignment with.

All the archetypal analog outboard accessory is affiliated through Rednet, so accessing them for inserts follows the aforementioned aisle as the DAW and attainable to any alteration base in either building.

The canicule of noisy, problematic, asperous feeds from computers is absolutely gone. Dante Virtual Soundcard or Dante Via break those problems by putting the computer’s achievement and ascribe on the network.

For example, in one bang I can avenue Spotify to a date wedge, lobby, flat speakers, or headphone amp from any affiliated area on the network. My appointment computer is angry into the arrangement and I am able to beck music to addition building.

If a presenter capital audio playback from their on-stage computer to both FOH and on a alive advertisement we can either de-embed HDMI audio to the Rednet D16 in one avenue click, or install Virtual Complete Card, put the computer on the arrangement with a CAT6 and get a absolute augment in one bang to both FOH, broadcast, and recording. Afore this would acquire been some affectionate of 1/8th inch cable to a line-level DI box, that is analog breach afterwards the FOH animate as a mic channel. Ick.

The bigger acclimation is the abstraction that anniversary arrangement is the same. There is no hard-wired arrangement for specific halls or tasks. No cables addition beyond the allowance during circuitous evenings. Clocking issues acquire disappeared. A aerial admission calculation arrangement doesn’t charge racks of gear. Alike the FOH position doesn’t charge the recording administration to almanac a multitrack rehearsal.

While it does not exist, this was the one assemblage missing I would like to see. Appropriate now we use the Rednet D16 for AES to SDI embedding through AJA and Blackmagic embedders.

This is absolutely out of your amount range, right? Because the admeasurement and calibration this was almost inexpensive. A cogent accumulation was fabricated by not defective to install patchbays, custom cable pulls/terminations, and splitters. Analog accession are activity accelerated and genitalia are still expensive.

20%-30% of an install can be labor, and for us that went to added gear.

Missing from this blueprint is about 15% in absolute cilia optic connectivity.

At the time of this autograph ProTools requires an HD agenda and I/O interface that pushes the aggregate to six times added than Logic with a PCI card, and abandoned handles 64ch instead of 128.

A 3-slot bay abounding of Dante cards could almanac 384 channels of audio for about $3,000. To me that makes Dante the best cost-effective way to breach and accelerate ample numbers of audio channels.

In the blueprint beneath is the breakdown of channels. The PCI cards handle 128ch. The 41% of DAW channels aggregate abandoned 3% of the absolute budget.

The photo aloft shows how abysmal the affiliation can go. While some agenda snake solutions alter ample analog or low-capacity agenda snakes, they abandoned alter abutting hubs. Date to mix pit, date to recording, date to adviser world…etc. Dante is accessible aural the studio, replacing abundant abate patches like advancement recorders, apostle and headphone feeds, outboard gear, antechamber sends…etc.

5-5-5-5 Yamaha Diaphragm $5

5-5-5-5 Yamaha Diaphragm $5 | Yamaha Outboard Parts Diagram

Overcomplicating Dante is attainable to do. Beneath is more. Engineers including myself anticipate there has to be added to it. There isn’t.

When admission counts are accepting into the hundreds and the arrangement is alloyed with accessible Internet cartage and added bottleneck afresh that is back added agreement becomes nessisary.

Dante accessory can be configured in bombastic approach area there’s two absolute networks or in switched approach area units can be daisy chained together. By absence they appear in Switched approach and would arch both primary and accessory networks causing the arrangement to fail. It makes for absorbing errors in Controller that can be catchy to diagnose. This absurdity does not appearance up as a archetypal primary/secondary affiliation problem.

Don’t fool yourself that cable is activity away. Interfacing with non-Dante accessory usually agency several DB25 fanouts. Aloof in Rednet abandoned there were added than 50 DB25 fanouts.

Keeping the mic preamps aural one jump of the FOH animate reduces cessation bottomward to the 250 usec level. We acquire had to accomplish some increases in cessation to 500 usec due to the MP8Rs added cessation afterwards firmware updates. For recording and broadcast, milliseconds of cessation are not a concern.

PCI cards cannot be acclimated for Dante Controller and so it will add addition arrangement connection. The Dante primary anchorage can not be acclimated for control. For an abandoned arrangement anniversary computer will charge 4 arrangement cables:

PCI cards are apparent as audio interfaces, not arrangement interfaces, so you still charge a arrangement interface to your Dante arrangement for control. And do not accredit Internet Sharing on the Mac.

Dante cards acquire their own firmware that is adapted alone from the accessory the dent is in. Admitting they don’t amend too often.

Most of the 10 ports went to 20, and one 28 went to 52. However the Cisco SG-300 52 anchorage has a loud fan.

If application multimode fiber, get the college abundance amicableness modules whenever possible. Distinct approach is still bigger if you can allow it.

EuCon will assignment on a Dante network. We run a few ascendancy surfaces afterwards added about-face configuration.

As Steve Jobs and Apple acquire said, adage no is aloof as important as adage yes.

The added arrangement systems out there abridgement the abundance of vendors that abutment the platform. There is beneath complication and aggregate by accepting all your accessory speaking the aforementioned language. Dante provides centralized ascendancy with Controller, and uses off-the-shelf networking switches. Aback an advancement ambition was to abate carriage technologies it did not accomplish faculty to acquire assorted transports. Admitting it seems these will all be accordant with anniversary added in the future.

Owning and testing both the Millennia HV-3R and Grace m802 alien preamps we begin both to be functionally ambiguous for a alive environment. They aloof didn’t get the job done quick and attainable enough.

Since the aboriginal acquirement Grace Architecture barrage the m108, a absurd web-controllable alien preamp that works over Dante.

One day I would like this to work, but testing this abstraction accepted too problematic. Adaptability in allotment plugins and acquisition already recording is absolute low, and would not assignment with how backward we can get concert information.

Focusrite’s Case Study on UNT.

Yamaha’s Arrangement Training Videos and About-face Bureaucracy Guide

Audinate’s Dante Overview

The Audio DAWg — Our bounded sales rep, integrator, and audio ninja.

University Of North Texas Expands Focusrite RedNet Networking Arsenal

Ten Things Nobody Told You About Yamaha Outboard Parts Diagram | Yamaha Outboard Parts Diagram – Yamaha Outboard Parts Diagram
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5R-5-5-5 Yamaha Carburetor Assembly 5 $355

5R-5-5-5 Yamaha Carburetor Assembly 5 $355 | Yamaha Outboard Parts Diagram

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