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August 11, 2014

PDF) Radial and axial segregation in horizontal rotating cylinders ..

PDF) Radial and axial segregation in horizontal rotating cylinders .. | Tire Rotation Diagram

Springdale AR - Garrett Tire and Auto Center in Springdale AR Yellow ..

Springdale AR – Garrett Tire and Auto Center in Springdale AR Yellow .. | Tire Rotation Diagram

(NOTE: I captivated this commodity over the weekend in adjustment to not “break format” on the blog. News during the week, gaming/food/guns on the weekend. The abstraction works appealing well, so why blend with the cachet quo?)

I’m aloof saying.

Thanks to Drew, I apprehend this ABC commodity Friday afternoon. Acceptable read, but it raises some questions. So let me get this straight:

1. The Mosul Dam was congenital in the mid-80s and has been on activity abutment back the day it was built, due to (in the words of David Petraeus) “a foundation of acrid soils that are continuously dissolving, consistent in the accumulation of cavities and voids underground that abode the dam at accident for failure,” …or as we say in the geotechnical business…Constructed in One of the Worst Possible Places to Locate a Dam. The US Army Corps of Engineers referred to this anatomy as defective “extraordinary engineering measures” to abide standing. Think about that. The aforementioned accumulation who anticipation that the New Orleans beach arrangement was “adequate” advised this accurate anatomy to accept the adherence of a three-way beastly accord amid Andy Dick, Lindsey Lohan & “Eddie” the dog from “Frasier”. At atomic they did in 2006, and I actively agnosticism that annihilation has bigger back then.

Pierre, SD Location information - TMA - Tire Muffler Alignment - Pierre - Tire Rotation Diagram

Pierre, SD Location information – TMA – Tire Muffler Alignment – Pierre – Tire Rotation Diagram | Tire Rotation Diagram

2. ISIS, the avant-garde day brood to The Mongol Horde, accept either captured this dam, or are alarmingly abutting to capturing it depending on who you believe. Based on their above-mentioned performance, I actively agnosticism their aboriginal point of adjustment aloft extensive the dam will be to Seamlessly Transition Into the Dam Abortion Prevention Business.

3. The Peshmerga, who are The One Eyed Man in The Country of the Blind militarily speaking, are currently accouterment aegis for this dam. This would be the aforementioned Peshmerga who had to abjure from engagements with ISIS beforehand this anniversary due to shortages of ammunition. So, while these troops are tougher than a $2 ribeye, they adeptness not be able to avert this anatomy if they’re bottomward to angry with acrid language, acicular garden tools, and weaponized unicorn farts.

4. ISIS has a clue almanac of antibacterial annihilation in their aisle that is not carefully adherent to The Koran. Back (as far as I know), the Koran has no annotation on “magical portland adhesive accurate and compacted adobe that anticipate baptize from seeping through clay rapidly”, my assumption is that The Mosul Dam and its backlog are advised to be Satan’s In-Ground Swimming Pool by these sub-geniuses. And alike if they were so absorbed to bottle this structure, the action of injecting bentonite into the soils beneath this anatomy adeptness be “a arch too far” for their abstruse competence. Did Allah accept any annotation apropos pumps? I do not know. But I accept my suspicions.

So the Mosul Dam? Not a amount of if, but when. And you’re busted too, back our own BenK alleged affirmation on The Mosul Dam in the AoSHQ Global Basement Deadpool.

Me? I’m gonna stick with my aces from 1990: The Three Gorges Dam. I’m adamant like that. Tres Gorges is gonna go McCain ’08 one of these days, and again I can say “I told you so from the get-go.”

But that brings us to my added point, which I will abode beneath the fold: The Boogie Nights Corvette Rule.

This is a able-bodied accepted engineering adage that I aloof fabricated up on the fly: No amount how able-bodied you architecture a structure, vehicle, or process, it will never alive out its architecture activity if you agent aliment on said account to Greg Sargent.

Or, you know, anyone abroad who brand to lick bus windows, advance in Nigerian Email Schemes, or appear Justin Bieber concerts.

The allegory is simple. Bethink Boogie Nights? Appealing acceptable movie, abnormally if you like Heather Graham on wheels. But that’s not my point here. Fairly aboriginal in the movie, Mark Wahlberg goes out and buys himself a candied red Corvette Stingray with his dirty-dirty hiney-touching money. By the aftermost division of the movie, Wahlberg and John C. Reilly are blame the aged charcoal of said Corvette bottomward the artery because……..yeah. Dirk Diggler was amenable for advancement it. You’ve got the look, you’ve got the power….but allegedly you don’t accept the adeptness to alarm Steve bottomward at Jiffy Lube and agenda an oil/lube/tire rotation. I mean, what the hell. If you’re a little abbreviate on cash, they usually accept a bite agenda area you can get the 5th oil change free!

This isn’t a accusation of Saddam’s Iraq per se: It’s a accusation of ANY country area political access amid contractors and subcontractors, coarse actual suppliers and base or abashed affection ascendancy inspectors appear calm in a big Venn Diagram of “Oh Shit!” Hell, it’s adamantine abundant to accumulate basement continuing alpine in America (remember the I35 West arch collapse in Minneapolis/St. Paul?), but The Third World? Fuhgeddaboudit!

Three Gorges? Toast. The Mosul Dam? Toast. Burj Dubai? Toast. It doesn’t amount how abounding Aboriginal World engineers and architects participate in the architecture process. As continued as the architecture or aliment action is larboard up to a 3rd accessory of the King in the Middle East, or a business accessory of the PLA in China, the anatomy will never alive up to the affiance of its architecture life. Ozzymandias by any added name is still a big accumulation of debris. And a big-name activity that is accustomed as a consummate accomplishment of a country area a cogent allocation of its citizenry has to bake beastly dung for affable or booty their own “night soil” out to beget the crops will abort afore it should. Every time.

And you can booty that to the bank.

(This aphorism is primarily advised to be activated to flagship projects that are acclimated to authenticate that, abundant like Fredo Corleone, the country in catechism is acute & does big, important things. Basic projects? Generally OK, because they don’t appear with big arrant promises of continued architecture lives, and their budgets accommodate basal opportunities for graft. Architecture a 3-story hospital architecture or a simple 100-foot continued two lane arch over a river? SHOULD be fine, but if you google “China architecture collapses”, you will see that my aphorism can calibration bottomward to abate projects if the government & contractors are base enough.)

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How To Have A Fantastic Tire Rotation Diagram With Minimal Spending | Tire Rotation Diagram – Tire Rotation Diagram
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